Ojai Sugar Sustainable Skincare is a line of nourishing artisanal body xfoliants, body lotions, luxury facial products and lip care. We are known for quality and mindfully sourced ingredients. Our entire line is vegan friendly, cruelty "free" and chemical "free" zero toxins: parabens or sulfates. We prepare each product in small batches to guarantee the purity and efficacy of its treatment. Unique hand-poured blends of restorative plant based ingredients with therapeutic grade essential oils inspired by the beauty and diversity of Ojai and California.

Our passion is to help people connect with their unique beauty through a creative process that nourishes our skin and stimulates our senses. Since 2010 we've been growing organically--word of mouth.

What our customers are saying....Ojai Sugar's facial polish leaves your face smooth, glowing, hydrated but not overly oily. I struggle with complicated, sensitive, combination skin--I'm in my late 20s and still struggle with acne and patches of dry and oily skin. Needless to say it's very hard for me to find products that meet all my needs, and trust me when I say I've tried almost everything. Expensive topical over-the-counter and prescription creams/washes/scrubs, and have been through every acne pill in the book. I love these products and I have not found something that even comes close--they're simply the best there is and albeit pricey, they're worth every penny! Anina C March 2019


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