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Our Story

We are so glad you found us! My name is Bernadette King and I am the founder and formulator of Ojai Sugar® Sustainable Skincare.

My 60+ years as a California native and 39 years in the Ojai Valley inspired and influenced my desire to stay true to my love of nature and all things natural. After all, I was a flower child in the early 70s--ha! Growing up in a family of six girls with little monies for products - I dabbled in the creations of my own homemade tonics and formulas.

I was always interested in skincare and how to maintain health inside and out with a minimalist approach: less is best. Knowledge through exploration, experimentation, and research culminated in a passion to craft a line of skincare products that will enhance and preserve ones’ own beauty. The mission: clean, natural skincare. Since 2010.

Through our formulas we aspire to provide you with a baseline of beauty to look and feel your absolute best about the skin you're in and, the ability to maintain that standard over time. We ethically source the best quality, all-natural and wild ingredients from suppliers and growers that incorporate sustainable practices in the growing and processing of their plant-based materials. These ethical practices help to ensure the quality and efficacy of our products and, more importantly ensure the beauty and bounty of our planet for generations to come.

If you're reading this story and have yet to experience our products, I encourage you to try us out. Use code #OSSS at checkout and save 20% today! Let us know what you think because it's YOU and what you think that really matters.
Best, Bernadette