Luxe Body Lotions with Vitamin B3

We set out to complement our perfect body x-foliant with the perfect body lotion. We wanted to answer the question--what makes for a great body lotion and why. What does it have and do, or not, that makes it just right. Based on suggestions from our customers and research, we set out to craft a formula that isn't watery or too greasy and our skin loves. We think we nailed it! 

Our formula includes Vitamin B3 (niacinamide) a natural UV protector known to increase elasticity, reduce fine lines, and suppress melanin to help prevent age spots and hyper pigmentation.

A little goes a long way. Best used right after a bath or shower. The lotion glides on, feels great to the touch and adds a subtle sheen making your skin look and feel vibrant and healthy. All natural plant based materials; oils of almond, grapeseed, virgin coconut, and pumpkin seed butter. Hydrosols and essential oils to create a natural scent from mother nature.