Facial Oil

Step 4 of the Petals Facial Collection


While hydration is what makes our skin soft, it won’t stay that way if there is no oil protecting that hydration from evaporating and abandoning the skin, leaving it dry and flaky. Apply after hydrating the skin with the facial waters. Our Petals Facial Oil will restore moisture and balance. 

A bouquet of botanical oils. Restorative oils that will illuminate and transform from the inside out to create a healthy and natural glow. These oils work in concert to address the needs of all skin types: dry, oily, sensitive, mature, acne-prone, including inflamed conditions such as rosacea, eczema and psoriasis. 

Borage, Camellia Seed, Rosehip, Sea Buckthorn, Meadowfoam, Squalane (olive derivative) Vitamin E. Essential Oils: *Cistus (Rockrose), Rose, Neroli, Rose Geranium

Our serum is very nutrient dense. You will need only 1 pump morning and night. Apply to a clean, slightly hydrated face. Recommend using our facial waters prior to application. Wait 4 to 5 minutes before applying other products to allow for full absorption.

*Cistus/Rockrose with its warm amber notes sets this blend apart with its ability to rejuvenate aging skin, reduce wrinkles, tighten loose muscles and calms inflamed and irritated skin.

If used morning and night our facial oil will last 3 months.