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Gone Green--Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose

New packaging.
New formula.
May 2016
We are very excited to announce that Ojai Sugar’s products are now packaged in recyclable, glass containers. Our decision to switch from plastic to glass packaging was to protect the integrity of our product and to be environmental stewards--recycle, reuse, repurpose. Health safety and sustainability.

Our signature body x foliant is still the same high quality product using only mindfully sourced ingredients that are vegan friendly with zero parabens, sulfates or water. Each blend has been formulated to prevent separation of the oils and sugar which makes for a more even application of the product. Blended with all natural emulsifiers to create a fluffy mixture of pumpkin seed butter, botanical oils, kosher grade--vegetable based glycerin an effective humectant that retains moisture. Your skin will feel hydrated and silky soft. With hand-pored essential oils to stimulate your senses and make your bathroom smell awesome.

Safety. Glass is made from all-natural raw materials. Other packaging materials, such as PVC, can have negative effects on the product ingredients affecting our health and the environment. Our chemical-free glass containers preserve the products’ longevity and maintain the vibrancy and integrity of the therapeutic-grade essential oils.

Sustainability. Glass is a 100% recyclable mono-material that can be recycled continuously without losing its purity or quality.

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