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Exfoliation - Purpose, Process, Payoff

Exfoliation / Why and How

Exfoliation for most people is a new term and definitely not part of their regular skincare routine. I get asked frequently why it’s important. The older you get the more important this will become. Our body exfoliates naturally--shedding dead skin like a snake, but over time this process slows down with age. That is why topical creams and lotions don't seem to absorb as well when we get older.  Whether its summertime or the middle of winter, exfoliating from head to toe will get you glowing. 

Ojai Sugar® All Natural exfoliation for body and face will help you look and feel great in your own skin. Recommended once a week at a minimum or as needed to address dry, itchy skin.

  1. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells and yucky stuff from the surface which promotes new—fresh skin cell growth.
  2. It also improves circulation, which also creates a balance in the body’s production of its own natural oils.
  3. Will thoroughly cleanse, moisturize and refresh deeper than regular soaps and body washes. No need for lotion afterwards.
  4. It will minimize pores and eliminate red bumps from shaving. Pay attention—this is for men as well when shaving their faces or perhaps their heads. Our Forest Musk blend is a favorite with many men because it also acts as a “one of a kind” aftershave scent—very earthy, very sensuous. I love it when my husband uses it.
  5. Experience the aromatherapy in your bathroom from our unique scents. We use plant-based essential oils with therapeutic properties that truly reflect the beauty and diversity of Ojai and Central California.
  6. After using the product on your legs and rinsing off, you can shave without having to add another product e.g. shaving cream because your skin will be fully moisturized.
  7. Ojai Sugar products will not disturb the skin’s natural pH balance.

What you DON’T need, is a dry body brush, loofah, or bath sponge. The sugar is the vehicle that will scrub away all the dead skin cells and gunk on the skin’s surface allowing it to absorb all the awesome moisturizing oils.

How to Use

  1. Step into the shower and get you skin slightly wet. For a more aggressive exfoliation you can apply to dry skin.
  2. Treat the body scrub as lotion and apply small amounts to areas of the body that are dry and itchy.
  3. Remember - do not get water in your jar as water dissolves sugar making sugar soup.
  4. A little goes a long way. Use your scoop or hand to apply. Start with a small amount.
  5. Rub in a circular motion starting at you’re your lower extremities e.g. feet and hands; working your way up your body towards the heart which will help stimulate the lymphatic system and promote good circulation.
  6. Rub the product until the sugar dissolves and all you feel are the oils. You can leave it on your skin as long as you like. Rinse off before leaving the shower.
  7. For the face, we recommend Petals Facial Polish. It’s a much finer grain of sugar for the delicate skin on our face and hands. Do you ever wonder why men don’t tend to show their age in their faces like us women? This is more noticeable in ages 40 and up. Well, one of the reasons is they shave! Yes, shaving is another form of exfoliation. Women don’t need to shave but, why not get the benefits. Petals will exfoliate the dead skin yet, it does so much more with the pure essential rose oil; think of a rose petal—soft and supple full of moisture. And the hyaluronic acid will plump and retain the moisture.

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