• Beard & Aftershave Oil:  Forest Musk Blend

Beard & Aftershave Oil: Forest Musk Blend

Beard - Shave--or just want to imbue the grounding, warm scent on your person. Our oils will soothe and nourish your skin and make a beard lay just right. The pracaxi seed oil from a seed, from a tree in Brazil conditions and de-tangles the hair. Our custom blend of organic essential oils will "turn heads". A scent that will take you deep in a forest of wet wood and clinging moss. Heady, sensual, and complex. Three drops is all you need. Apply to slightly wet face, beard, or anywhere on the body and massage into the skin. Cold pressed oils of pracaxi, sunflower, jojoba, meadowfoam. Essential oils: bay laurel, bergamot, black pepper, ginger, lime, oak moss, patchouli, sandalwood.