I am 62 years old and have very dry, sensitive skin and have difficulty finding products that work well without irritation. I love your facial polish! I could actually see a visible difference in my skin after using it just a few times with no irritation to my skin or eyes. My skin appears smoother, pores appear smaller and the bumpy small whiteheads that I have not been able to get rid of for ages have actually disappeared! I’ve tried a ton of products, including expensive professional facials and nothing else could get rid of the whiteheads. Love your product! -Terri

"LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my new facial polish.  There is a huge difference in the texture of my skin and people have noticed." - Bonnie A. 

Ok, you know I love the lavender, right? But the Forest Musk is AMAZING. Wasn't expecting to love it this much - LOL. Jeff was using it and I was like - what is that amazing smell?!? I used it and we went shopping the other day and people came up to me and asked me why I smelled so good-I told them - Ojai Sugar! As always - a huge fan of your products -Rhodes, July 2013

I have been using the product since 2010 and have always been a big fan. Recently I picked up an 8oz Lavender at Lassens in Ventura and found it to be better than ever. The fragrance, oil, and sugar texture is wonderful. Congratulations on reaching perfection! Mary, July 2013

I have used the citrus (a great way to wake up), the peppermint (my feet said "ahhh"), and the rose on my face (pure heaven), and am in love. I will definitely be a return customer. Thanks for such a great product. -Diana Devers, May 2013

LOVE YOUR SCRUB!!! I wanted to share with you that your Ojai Sugar Lemongrass was gifted to me by a dear friend near Ojai. I spend much time outdoors camping - roughing it! So keeping simple with little water (and weight) I put the scrub into a snack baggy and used it camping as not much is needed for bathing. My skin was supple and hydrated the duration out in the desert and keeping with natural ingredients - friendly to my skin, the environment and to my companion ;-) Awesome, with simple routine and easy. Now I use it in every shower even at home. My skin has experienced a renewed freshness and softness I have not seen for years even with prescription creams that I no longer need to use! THANK YOU BERNADETTE for OJAI SUGAR!! -Raven. April 2013

LOVE your product! So excited that I bought 4 of the Lemon Grass scrub!!! I was visiting Ojai with my sisters and I saw you at the Ojai Farmers market. It is so dry in Colorado, and your product is just the ticket!!! -Mary Jo, 2012

I was in Ojai last year visiting my friend who lives there and we walked around in the Farmer's Market and I bought 2 products. The 8 oz. Petals and the 8 oz. Body Scrub Lemon Grass AND I LOVED BOTH products. This time one of the Petals is for my mother.  Anyways, I really think you have an extremely good valuable quality product. -Janet, 2012

Hello! I bought the 16 oz. All Natural Body Scrub in Sweet Lavender at the Lavender Festival in Ojai and I love it! I would like to buy more. -Cheryl, 2010

My son Connor and I purchased a jar of the citrus sugar scrub at the Lavendar Festival. It is wonderful! The smell of the oils is healing and the scrub itself is strong and exfoliating. I even use it on my face and love the results.  Do you have a website where I can buy more? Now I want the coffee and lavendar! Congrats on making a great healthy product. -Jackie, 2010

Hi Bernie, thank you so much for the Lemon Grass all natural body scrub. My skin feels so sexy and smooth! Again, Bravo to you and your creativity. -Lisa, 2011

I was just visiting Ojai and discovered you at the Ojai Farmer's Market. My sister and I bought the facial "Petals" and body scrub "Lemongrass". I love my products! My skin feels so fresh, clean and moist after using them. Thank you for making great products to help the skin feel fresh and healthy. -Dorea, 2012

Hi Bernadette, just wanted to let you know that I think the new facial polish is amazing! I love the way it makes my skin feel and the smell is so soothing. I have sensitive skin and it works great! Thanks for another fantastic natural product for my skin. Love, Roz, 2011

I think Ojai Sugar products are fantastic. I have used the sweet lavender and the citrus, and they both were wonderful. If you don’t like to use lotion after showering, then this is the product for you. My husband’s grandmother, who was eighty–three, had really dry legs. We would put lotion on and it would not absorb into the skin. I helped her try using the scrub. After two uses, everyone was amazed! The dry skin, that lotion was unable to fix, was smooth and looked years younger. I recommend this product. -Staci, 2010