Our Story

As the story goes, my lifetime experiences as a California native inspired and influenced a desire to stay true to my love of nature and all things natural. Knowledge through exploration, experiment, and research brought me to this special place in life. Culminating in a passion to share Nature's bounty to heal and nourish our skin and stimulate our spirit.

Being one of six girls, you can imagine that beauty and skincare was always a topic of discussion in our home. I became more aware of products and their ingredients. I searched for all natural skincare products that would enhance one’s own beauty inside and out. I am also a believer of preventative healthcare through exercise and researching natural sources for all that our bodies need to thrive—I learned a lot from Adelle Davis author, nutritionist (25 February 1904 - 31 May 1974).

After 32 years in the Ojai Valley, I became inspired by its beauty and bounty to create skincare products using all natural ingredients and, essential oil blends that reflect the beauty and diversity of Ojai and California. The Ojai Valley is full of orange groves, not to mention lemon, grapefruit and tangerine. The Mediterranean climate is also home to several lavender farms. The superior quality of my formulas gained attention which encouraged me to formally launch Ojai Sugar Skincare in May 2010!

My name is Bernadette King and I am the founder and formulator of Ojai Sugar® Sustainable Skincare. Ojai Sugar Skincare was always brewing in my mind and taking shape overtime. I'm grateful to share my passion through a creative process that nourishes our skin and stimulates our senses.

Bernadette King - Founder of Ojai Sugar