Petals Facial Collection

We curated the Petals Facial collection to be a Center-Line of Beauty for all skin types. The Petals protocol is simple non fussy: xfoliate, hydrate and restore. We prepare each product in small batches to guarantee the purity and efficacy of its treatment.

Our mission is to illuminate a person’s unique beauty and sustain that standard of beautifulness over time. Sustainability is a measurement of long term maintenance with zero fluctuation. Our products will help your skin look its absolute best creating your unique baseline of beauty. A "glow" that will soften, and smooth "life expressions" otherwise known as facial lines, wrinkles and other wear and tear that comes with age!

An integral part of the Petals protocol is organic Rose and Camellia Seed oil. Close your eyes and think back to a time you truly felt a rose petal...soft, supple and full of moisture. Camellia seed oil feather-light, fast-absorbing yet velvety, it has more hydrating oleic acid than olive or avocado oil. Camellia is the winter wild flowers of China and Japan. A well-kept secret and daily ritual of the Geishas--also known as Tsubaki oil, it has been used for centuries to condition their skin and hair.

Our mindfully sourced restorative plant-based oils work in concert to soothe dry, sensitive skin, address problem areas, promote skin tissue regeneration, and replenish much needed balance and elasticity to yield a healthy appearance.